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Hope & Gage Kunsman

"Claire was my wedding coordinator and I felt so relieved to leave everything in her hands. I did not have to worry about a single thing on my wedding day! No one was asking me question to stress me out because Claire was in charge. She took care of everything and it was absolutely beautiful. She worked so well with all of the other vendors as well! She created the wedding of my dreams and I cannot be more grateful! "


Taylor & Erika Mesojednik

Everyone was raving about how helpful Claire was all night! I know we would have struggled so much without Claire present. Claire was able to keep the random people who wandered in away and led everyone through the timeline so well. Additionally, Claire was picking up the venue at the end of the night and made our job so much easier the next day when we went back to finish the take down process. I appreciated how helpful Claire was leading up to the wedding and how responsive she was with answering questions. When we had last minute changes, Claire took it in stride and made it work. Overall, Claire was excellent and I would recommended her to anyone.

Kasey & Hudson Byoricks

We are SO thankful for all of the communication during setup. Taking pictures and running it by us was really appreciated. We just loved Claire's willing attitude and we never stressed anything wasn't getting done. Claire was on top of everything and we truly don't know what we would have done without you!

6. Talia .jpeg

Talia & Michael David

When there were technical difficulties Claire figured it out quickly and efficiently. Even though we ran behind schedule Claire maintained composure and made corrections on the spot. Claire was a tremendous help, I don’t think our day would have gone off so smoothly without her assistance.

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